Mobility Coordinator Program

Porsche Jacksonville near St. Augustine, FL takes the lead in support of the growing population of disabled customers. We support the disabled with vehicle-ready, adaptive mobility guidance.

Porsche Jacksonville maintains a reputation for offering meticulously designed vehicles for a safe and secure driving experience for all customers. Taking this dedication one step further, our dealership is committed to providing a stress-free new Porsche buying experience for our customers and their family members with disabilities. To support this cause, we have added a Mobility Coordinator to work with customers and assist in providing the correct transportation solutions to meet their individual mobility needs. 

In the year 2000, the senior population was around 76 million. It is now projected to grow to 116 million by 2020. One of our initiatives in 2017 is to reach out to this expanding population with mobility related disabilities. Our dedicated Mobility Coordinator will assist in finding the best new or pre-owned vehicle to suit their needs. She is well educated in the types of adaptive equipment available and the dealers who supply the equipment, along with the proper user training

“Our commitment is to help those with disabilities equip their vehicles for easier and safer travel. It is our responsibility to have the knowledge to assist our customers with all their vehicle needs today and those in the future. This is a service to our customers. It is our policy not to profit from referrals to mobility equipment suppliers or from the sale of that equipment.” 

In addition, Porsche Jacksonville is also helping the disabled apply for the manufacturer mobility rebates. In the end, the determination of the rebates primarily rests with the manufacturer. Our Jacksonville luxury car dealership remains ready to assist throughout the entire application process

Porsche Jacksonville supports the steps detailed in the US Department of Transportation’s brochure, Adapting Motor Vehicles for People with Disabilities. And we will continue to go above and beyond for the disabled community in our area.