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We Don't Just Sell Porsches, We Drive Them

Above are just a handful of the many employees, our Team Members here at Porsche Jacksonville, shown with their personal cars. A long time ago someone told me that when it comes to working, the key is to find something you love to do, and then find someone who will pay you to do it. That statement always stuck with me and truly embodies the feeling when you walk through the doors at Porsche Jacksonville, located at 10100 Atlantic Blvd. Jacksonville, FL 32225. The passion and sense of pride you see in every employee at Porsche Jacksonville -- from Management to our Technicians, from our Service Writers to our Sales Team, to Parts, our Office Staff, or anyone else on our Team, is a testament to the experience we provide for our customers.

I have worked for the Fields Auto Group for over a decade and feel honored to do so, but the feeling you get when you walk through our doors runs deeper than just a great company and friendly work environment. There is a true and deep love for Porsche that I have never seen for a brand anywhere else. Everyone here does what they do, not just because they enjoy this line of work, but because they believe in the product we are presenting to the public.  It speaks volumes that so many employees and in many cases, their families, drive a Porsche. It doesn't matter if it is Porsche Racing Legend, Hurley Haywood, who has been behind the wheel of more Porsche's than he can count, or someone like myself who just leased their first one.

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The point is that you can't help but love this brand. The racing heritage, the classic design, and let's not forget the driving experience. There are few cars that elicit the response that you get from a test drive, like a Porsche. It's an iconic brand, not just at the peak of the luxury and sports car world, but a car that many have aspired to own. Porsche was (and still is) "the car" to have a poster of on your wall at home growing up. It is that type of enjoyment of the Porsche brand, which brings us all here together. I am proud to be part of this team, and honored to sell and service the Porsche brand. It's amazing how you can feel and see the difference in a place like this.

I am also proud, like so many others who work here, not just to sell or service the Porsche brand, but to actually drive one myself.  We drive them not because of the "you're supposed to" mentality, but because we truly know and believe that these are the best cars on the planet! Don't take my word for it though, stop in and experience Porsche first hand. Then, you will truly understand the Porsche difference, and why we are so passionate about what we do and the brand we love.

-- Joe Romano, Sales Manager, Porsche Jacksonville