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Porsche Jacksonville Ratings and Reviews

How was your experience at Porsche Jacksonville, formerly Brumos Porsche, near St. Augustine, FL? Did you recently purchase a new 2018 Porsche Macan, pre-owned Porsche vehicle, or another automobile from our inventory? We take pride in what our customers are saying about us and we want you to know what they are saying as well. Take a look below to see real-life customer testimonials and reviews for our Jacksonville, FL exotic auto dealership.

Go ahead and add your own rating and experience below. We value everything you have to say and we hope to continue to provide the exceptional service you deserve and expect. We look forward to helping you find your dream Porsche car or SUV at our exotic car dealership in Jacksonville, FL!

Below you will find customer reviews.   Click here to tell us what you think.

Jim Brewer | Florida | 2017-05-28

Jennifer Woodard is the most thoughtful and capable Service Advisor I have ever had the pleasure to deal with. She is worth the prices paid for Porsches and their parts.

Dale Stoddard | Georgia | 2017-08-07

My experience with the service department was excellent. They were able to schedule my services around my travel schedule, which is always a challenge. We had a miscommunication on the services requested and the resolution offered exceeded my expectations and I was more than satisfied with the solution. This is the way to build customer loyalty and I would recommend to all Porsche owners to utilize your services. My Service Advisor, Charles Loeschen, was very professional and went out of the way to ensure I was satisfied. The treatment and culture that prevail at your dealership only enhance my high appreciation for the Porsche "performance " and ownership experience.

David pizzo | Florida | 2017-03-24

I have leased and or purchased many high end vehicles of various makes and Henry was by far the most laid back, no pressure, polite and professional salesperson we have ever encountered. It didn't stop there, the finance dept was great and everyone treated my wife and as if we were purchasing a 918spyder. We have been brand loyal to another German car company for our last 8 cars but they have become too proud of their cars and the local dealer is a nightmare when it comes to service. Glad we will be done with all that and are now part of the Fields family and Porsche drivers for life.

Bryan Barker | Florida | 2016-05-06

Can't say enough great things about Porsche service. Skip, Charles, Jenny and the gang are the best! Thank you for always treating me like I have your favorite Porsche!

Sara Stukes | Georgia | 2016-05-22

I was a little apprehensive when arriving to buy my first Porsche, and fully expected the high-pressure sales tactics used by every other car dealership. I was so pleasantly surprised when working with Mr Hall Liles as this was hands down the best car buying experience I've ever had! He was able to walk me through the entire process and answered all of my questions so by the end I was completely confident in this purchase. Not only did we go on the best test drive, he also listened to exactly what I wanted and was looking for and helped make it happen. Chris helped with all of the paperwork and made the tedious finance documents an absolute breeze while explaining everything throughly as we went through. Hall and Chris have earned my my business now and for years to come, and I would highly recommend these two gentleman!

Alessandro Iovannitti | Florida | 2016-05-27

There are human characteristics that cannot be taught or learned, they are innate. A few include integrity, attitude, and passion. Chad in sales, Chris in finance, and Steve in service are a few that I have met at Porsche Jacksonville that possess these characteristics and more. They possess qualities that Porsche crafts in their vehicles and it is a pleasure to be treated with unsurpassed care. I purchased a Porsche Cayman and cannot be more pleased with the car.

Alan Carter | Georgia | 2016-05-31

I don't care what kind of car you have driven in the past... nor what dealership you purchased through... The "Porsche Experience" you will get from Jacksonville Porsche (Brumos) will top that experience.

Andrew Pradella | Florida | 2016-06-08

Other than being an excellent salesman...Chad Gilbert made my wife Joanie and my experience at Jacksonville Porsche a buying pleasure. Chad was most interested in listening to our car buying preferences to make sure he exposed the right product to fit our needs. A perfect gentleman who went the extra yard to visit our home the day after the sale to connect our garage door opener to our new Car. Job well done.

Christopher Hill | Florida | 2016-08-14

Porsche factory stores don't get much better than this! Our salesman hall was on point professional extremely helpful. Brandon had all bases covered and throughout the process was terrific. Last year we did a European delivery a dream come true and they did a fantastic job I would highly recommend the store.

G.B. MD | FL | 2016-02-22

"Dear Mr. Shaffer, I would like to take this time to comment on our experience at you dealership while purchasing our first Porsche. I must admit that upon our arrival, my wife and I assumed that this would be similar to previous visits at other dealerships where we were met with high-pressure salesman using bait and switch tactics. My fears were misguided. As it turned out, from the time we got there until we left with our new car, our experience was nothing but a pleasure. I would like to personally thank our salesman David Mekoski for his role in our purchase as well as Steve Norton who handled the finance arrangements. These two gentlemen certainly are an asset to your dealership. We are enjoying our new Cayenne and are excited about our new relationship with Brumos Porsche."

M. W. | FL | 2016-02-22

"Hello David & Ray, My wife Pamela & I would like to say a very sincere "Thank You" to you both for being so gracious with your time and attention this past Saturday when we stopped by. The trip for an oil filter was a very pleasant afternoon for us. The Cayman is indeed an extremely impressive car. It certainly lived up to our expectations, and of course, the longstanding Porsche tradition of sports car excellence. We will certainly keep this in mind as we decide our next purchase, and a Cayman is still at the top of her list. I've attached a few pics of our current 928s and our former C-2 Cab. To give you an idea of our Porsche history. None too fancy, but we've loved them all. One pic of mine was when I was at Brumos of course. One each of our cars in the Historic Display at Rennsport Reunion III. I like to call my 928 my German Muscle Car. With the cats removed and having an X pipe, Pamela's not too fond of the loud exhaust, but I love it when that big V-8 roars! The Kinesis wheels with the 295s in the rear give it a stance to help emphasize the statement! Certainly not the typical Porsche I guess. Thanks Again, after all of these years, Brumos always continues to impress us!"


A. Shirley | FL | 2016-02-22

"Ray, Just wanted to let you know that I brought my 2008 Cayenne in for its 60K mile service this week and had what I considered the best service experience at a dealership (any) that I have ever had. As you know I normally do my own maintenance on my Porsches and have for years. Iâ"

R G | FL | 2016-02-22

"Hey Roger, Wanted to thank you again for all of your professionalism and good humored personality during the purchase of our 911. We sure enjoyed the experience. It was so different than the normal stressful process we have experienced in the past. You are a wonderful sales consultant and a "true blue" likable kinda guy. We will buy every Porsche from now until forever from you. You've earned our business for life."

Rick B. | FL | 2016-02-22

"(Regarding your move to Jacksonville and Brumos) Man, it hit me today. I'm bummed. We've got some history. I'm probably not as put together as your other customers (or as rich) but I have to tell you, you have been a huge part of my Porsche ownership experience and I've really come to appreciate you as my connection to Porsche but even more as a friend. I don't know that I would have ever ventured into the P-car ownership experience had it not been for that fateful test drive in May of 2004. I had NO intention of ever buying a Porsche. As much as I love cars and always have, I sort of imagined that someday I'd save up for a Ferrari. I thought today about all the times of just pulling in and saying "hey". It didn't matter if I was a candidate for buying one or not, you always treated me with the utmost respect. Whether it was the difficulty in selling back my first 997, the many test drives that ended with me pulling in my driveway and Michele greeting me with a nodding head, the fun crazy "check it out" drives out by Jordan Lake or Michele's sixth sense about when we were hangin out. Again, I may not have been the most sophisticated customer you've had, but I have had a blast being your customer and I will truly miss those times. Having said that, I wish you and Julie the best and in particular, I wish you the best as you take this thing to a whole new level. Don't know that I will be able to keep up with you but I will definitely not lose touch or forget all those great times. You bring new meaning to buying a car from a friend. Why would I ever buy from anyone else? Thanks, Hall."

Bruce Cunningham | FL | 2016-02-22

"Hello Mr. Bowman, Just a note to express my sincere appreciation during my recent vehicle emergency visit to Jacksonville, FL. during Tropical Storm Beryl. The Memorial Day holiday traffic, Tropical Storm and mechanical breakdown of my brother's vehicle, culminated into a very difficult time and very long day, while returning from military leave. I required on-the-spot assistance and you and your staff went "Above and Beyond" the call of customer service support to make sure I was taken care of quickly and safely, by simultaneously performing mechanical diagnostics and coordinating rental car transportation, during a very busy holiday. Additionally, the staff at Enterprise Rent-A-Car (Jamie, Jerrod & Anne) located in JAX Airport, were very courteous and professional in assisting me with the check-out process of a one day rental, ensuring that myself an Air Force Reservist on orders, reported for duty safely and in time for an Executive Staff Conference at Homestead Air Reserve Base, Florida. Not only did you and your staff Eric Baker & Brandon Fox coordinate last minute transportation and drive me to the airport, they were helpful to my brother in the maintenance and temporary storage of his Porsche Boxster S series vehicle. Also, Mr. Eric Baker (Shop Foreman) provided me with "gas money" to make sure I did not run out of gas on the long trip back to base...8 hours away. The singular accomplishments of your staff and Enterprise Rent-A-Car, reflect great credit upon yourself and Brumos Porsche of Jacksonville, Florida. Thanks again for your "OUTSTANDING" support! Sincerely, Bruce R. Cunningham, MSgt, United States Air Force Reserve"

David Lindberg | FL | 2016-02-22

"Everyone likes a new car but no one likes the buying process. Well, for the first time I enjoyed the buying process all because of Hall Liles, Sales. He was easy to talk to, he knew the product and answered all of my questions. When we arrived to pick up the car, the car was ready to go and the paperwork went smoothly. Hall Liles will have any future busiess that we do and I would highly recommend that you contact Hall Liles when purchasing a Porsche. You will not go wrong."

Rusty Russ | FL | 2016-02-22

"Ray & Blair - Many thanks to Brumos Porsche for again providing the #59 support Cayenne and your master technician, Nathan Nelson, for this years Sixth Annual Mountain Tour of the Florida Crown Region Porsche Club of America. It's always nice to know that if something happens to one of the Porsches on the trip that we have a qualified person with us that can analyze and fix problems, if it should occur. This year, thank goodness, we only had a few minor things happen that were quickly taken care of. The Florida Crown Region's "Mountain Tour - VI" this past weekend (Thursday - Monday), included visits of the BMW manufacturing Plant, NASCAR Museum, Bush Brothers manufacturing facility, "Tail of the Dragon", "Charohala Skyway" and plenty of other mountain back roads of NC, TN, & GA. No breakdowns, no tickets.......Great Weekend ! ! ! Again many thanks for your continuing support of our Florida Crown Region. Rusty Russ, President"

Todd | FL | 2016-02-22

"I would like to write you to pass along a compliment to the Brumos team. I was driving my 1985 911 from Ft. Lauderdale to Ashville on vacation last Wednesday and unfortunately suffered a break down just north of Jacksonville. I called Jennifer Woodard in the service department from the road and she kindly advised me to have it towed in and they would look at it immediately. The Brumos team spent all of Wednesday afternoon trying to get me back on the road. Unfortunately, the fix could not be solved by closing time, despite the meaningful efforts by Brumos, but they were kind enough to help me secure a rental car so I could get back on the road. I want to compliment Blair and his team for their sensitivity to my situation (car loaded down, on vacation and two dogs with me). They worked diligently to effect a solution and kept me abreast of developments throughout the process. Once diagnosed, the necessary parts were ordered overnight and when I arrived back at the dealership the following Wednesday the car was ready to go. I was greeted by the mechanic who did the work to explain the problem to me and I was on my way back to Ft. Lauderdale with a Brumos goody bag with hats, t shirt, etc. as well as a compliment of water. While a breakdown on vacation is never fun, the Brumos team made a bad situation a lot better and for that I am thankful. I was already a big fan of Brumos� racing efforts, now I�m a fan of the dealership. Thought you would enjoy the nice words, though I�m probably not the first�. Best, Todd"

Nick Proctor | FL | 2016-02-22

"I just purchased a new Porsche from Brumos Porsche. I commend highly my salesperson Hall Liles. Hall was very helpful and professional with me in completing a fair deal in a timely fashion. I explained to Hall that I was having an operation on September 26th which would put me out of action for 6 weeks. I live in Wisconsin and I asked if he could arrange transport as soon as possible so I could enjoy the Porsche for a couple of weeks prior to that date. Hall went the extra mile and was able to arrange it. In total, I first contacted Hall on the 3rd of September and I received the car on the 13th. Thus from start of the negotiations to the finish I had the car at my house in a total of 10 days. This is very quick for a long distance transaction. I am very grateful to Hall for his extra effort. I highly recommend Hall Liles and Brumos Porsche. They are great to do business with."

CT Coursey | FL | 2016-02-22

"I was very pleased with my recent Brumos experience. I thought Charles (Loeschen) and Blair (Bowman) went out of their way to make sure I was informed of the work that needed to be done and why. They even invited me into the shop for a full technical explanation that made me feel very comfortable with my decision. Brumos is truly a first class operation. Please pass my appreciation to both of those guys. Btw - I met a gentlemen named Keith while I was waiting to pay my bill. I very much enjoyed talking to him about my car and the potential upgrade. I had to run out without thanking him, so please pass that to him as well. ctc"

B B | FL | 2016-02-22

"Attn: Mr. Hurley Haywood Sir, I again wanted to thank you for taking time out of your schedule to teach me how to better drive the car of my dreams. I could not be happier with my 2009 Porsche 911 Carrera S and can now better appreciate the capabilities of the vehicle. The course of instruction was executed flawlessly, professionally and in my opinion, it accomplished everything it set out to do. The best of all, it was fun. I am honored that I was afforded instruction at my level from a driver of your great accomplishments. To have Hurley Haywood, Leh Keen, and Don Robertson available for advice and guidance for an entire day in such a small group was probably a once in a lifetime experience. Thank you all again and I am thrilled that Brumos Porsche offers this level of commitment to their customers. No other dealership nationwide would ever do this. I would also like to state that Brumos Porsche, comprised of the sales, finance, service, and administrative staff represent a professional attitude and a heritage that exemplifies the Porsche brand. There are several Porsche dealerships closer to where I live in eastern Orlando, but they do not meet the mark that Brumos Porsche and the staff have set. It was meeting with Bill Bianco three years ago at Brumos Porsche that committed me to buying a Porsche Carrera S from Bill and Brumos exclusively. It was the attention to detail in all aspects of your business, the concern for the customers, the appreciation of the Porsche brand and the desire to race and win with the cars that you sell that will keep me coming back. It was unfortunate that I was unable to purchase my 2009 Carrera S until now, but good things do come to those that wait. I love my Brumos Porsche, especially now that I can appreciate what it can do in a controlled environment. My only regret is that I was not able to turn a better time than 40.88 seconds in the final lap last weekend. I am a competitive sort and at least I did improve each time so that was not so bad. I could have stayed until dark trying to perfect that run if given the chance. Now that I have a taste for the thrill of driving the Porsche as it was designed to be driven, do you have any advice to help me improve my skills? I do not intend to race for a living, but would like to improve first with qualified instruction before attending the Porsche Sport Driving School in Alabama. I think this will be lots of fun if done correctly. I am looking into a few track time organizations in the area. Any thoughts on the following books or do you have any to recommend? Speed Secrets: Professional Race Driving Techniques by Ross Bentley Going Faster! Mastering the Art of Race Driving by the Skip Barber Racing School I would imagine that driving would surpass all other methods for learning to drive, but I would very much appreciate the knowledge for how to do it correctly before learning bad habits that must then be forgotten and replaced. By the way, my ride along in the two hot laps you drove in the #59 Brumos Porsche at the end of the day showed me just how fast a skilled driver in the right car can be. Wow! I again thank you and hope that the successful formula that Brumos now employs will do nothing but improve in future years. I hope to see you again someday at the Porsche Driving School or maybe next spring at Amelia Island. I wish you the best. Sincerely, B. Barnett, Chuluota, Florida"

David Hall | FL | 2016-02-22

"Hall is an excellent sales representative for Porsche. He was able to show me the pro's anc con's of the 911 and the Panamera that I purchased. Thanks Hall!"

R. Mahoney | FL | 2016-02-22

"I always receive outstanding customer service from Charles specifically and Brumos, which is why I drive 75 miles every time I need service. I grew up with Brumos on Main Street. I wouldn�t service my vehicle anywhere else but Brumos."

Chip Pfister | FL | 2016-02-22

"I have been using Brumos for 32 years, and over this time I have purchased four 911s from them. The service is always great, focused entirely on pleasing the customer and doing the job correctly. That is why I have continued to use Brumos even though the Porsche dealers in Atlanta and Tallahassee are closer to my home."

fernando amandi | FL | 2016-02-22

"I just had some warranty work done on a gear leak and service plus detailing. Charles was the consummate professional....patient, communicative and very courteous. I truly appreciate the extra effort that the Service team puts forth to 'delight' your customers. Thank you, Fernando A. Amandi"

Christine Mazurk | FL | 2016-02-22

"Need your Porsche serviced, call Brumos. Jennifer Woodard was my service advisor, and she was wonderful. Professional, kind, and she kept me informed every step of the way. Outstanding!"

GEORGE MARTIN, JR | FL | 2016-02-22


Greg Guandolo | FL | 2016-02-22

"My first experience at Brumos for service was excellent. Charles Loeschen could not have been more accomodating, from the loan of a new Cayenne, to his explanation of the service performed. A pleasant experience at Brumos Porsche."

steve booma | FL | 2016-02-22

"I am a new customer and have stopped in without an appointment. Charles fixed the small issue and I was on my way! My first scheduled appointment was also handled by Charles in a very professional and timely manner."

Chris Mason | FL | 2016-02-22

"The Brumos Porsche Sales Team, specifically Hall Liles was very professional and met my every need around the special order & delivery of my 2013 Cayenne!! I'm a very technically-oriented person and the specification, order & delivery of my new Porsche required a significant time investment by Mr. Liles to provide a pleasant & effective sales experience. I highly recommend both Hall Liles and the Brumos sales team!!"

Dan Wolff | FL | 2016-02-22

"Last month I had the opportunity to attend the "Brumos Driving Experience" conducted by Hurley Haywood, Chuck Dressing, Andrew Davis and Don Roberts. It was even better than the one I attended 8 years ago in my first Brumos Porsche. I can assure you that what I learned 8 years ago saved the lives of my wife and me. The constant reviewing the traffic to the rear and the confidence of knowing how the car would handle saved us from a probable fatal crash at 70 mph. The December 2012 instruction was even better. Yes, I have learned that these cars are built for "rough driving". I even had the benefit of learning direcly from Hurley on both occassions. Brumos past sales and service experiences have made me an unofficial sales rep. Thanks for being reliable, professionsl, and doing it right."

Louis Juneau | FL | 2016-02-22

"From the time that I called to request an appointment for the following day to get the oil change to the time we left the Service bay area, it's been a great customer service experience. Jennifer and the other staff members that we met were smiling and genuinely courteous. We were offered drinks, your Director showed my wife to the restrooms, the driver that took us to lunch was extremely polite and on top of it all, the job was done within the forecasted time frame! You seem to have great company values and great individuals working for you. Keep up the good work and even though I'm from Quebec, I have already notified Centre Porsche Quebec to refer their customers to use your dealership when needed. Thank you again to your staff."

Craig Dewhurst | FL | 2016-02-22

"Gentlemen, I just had the privilege to attend the Brumos Driving Experience on Saturday in Gainesville and want to thank you all for an exhilarating and informative class. What an outstanding way to secure customer loyalty and brand recognition with Brumos. Porsche must be proud of your dealership; as this class highlights the capability and performance of a truly remarkable vehicle. I love my Panamera even more after this experience!! I got to meet two of your customers from Georgia in the class that told me they purchased the vehicle from your dealership (not that it was geographically convenient), mainly because of this driving experience. They could have easily purchased their vehicle from the Atlanta dealer, but choose Brumos because of this class and now I see why. To give a hands on class to show what these incredible vehicles can do will win over customers for future purchases. Please continue to offer this class as I will buy a 911 Turbo in the future (once my children are older & my wife approvesJ) and I will buy it from Brumos and John Schaefer. I know this class just doesn�t happen, so I would like to thank several people that made this experience possible. First, Charles Dressing for coordinating and providing a great breakfast and lunch. Nathan Nelson for being our on-site tech and it was neat to be able to talk with the person that works on these cars daily. Don Robertson for building a great track; his expertise as he was my instructor and for allowing us to use the drag strip as well. Finally, the racing legend Hurley Haywood for his insight, skills and being able to ride with him in the vintage 1974 championship car. I can now say my new Panamera is broken in and �she� showed me her capabilities which were beyond my comprehension before this class. Also, I�m looking forward to doing the two day school later this year in Birmingham, AL offered by Porsche to experience the entire line of vehicles. Thanks again for an outstanding experience and you have won over a customer for life. All the Best! Craig A. Dewhurst"

Susan Rindal | FL | 2016-02-22

"My Porshe started leaking coolant fluid - Burmos had the tow to me within the hour - called when it arrived at Burmos - and informed me later that day that all was covered under the extended warranty - What a prince of a team - thank you"

Dan DiDeo | FL | 2016-02-22

"Hi Ray: Just a note to say thanks for the invite to the Rolex 24. We had an enjoyable time. I also wanted to compliment your team. Your service department is the only shop that has worked on my 997 since I owned it. Always addressed and fixed any issues right the first time. In fact they inform me of potential problems and address them immediately. I had an event in Naples recently with the Florida Crown Region and Charles recommended tires as a safety issue was lurking around the corner. We put them on and my six hours down and six hours back, no problems. Currently Bill Bianco is looking for a 1987-1994 911 Coupe for us and am looking forward to purchasing that once the right one comes along. Again I want to say thanks and all the best in 2013."

Renato Alfonso | FL | 2016-02-22

"The service provided by Amy and Jennifer is outstanding always!!! We are very satisfied and Amy and Jennifer are the reason we will only consider Brumos Porsche of Jacksonville, FL for our next automobile purchase."

Don Glisson | FL | 2016-02-22

"I brought our 2012 Cayenne S Hybrid to Brumos Porsche for it's one year service, and as always Charles Loeschen and his team were fantastic to work with. Charles treats you like a friend, not just a customer, and is genuinly concerned about any issues you are having with your vehicle. A loaner was waiting for me and my Cayenne was ready when promised and freshly cleaned to boot! I highly recommend Brumos Porsche, and in all the years of owning high-end vehicles I have never been treated better by a service department then I have at Brumos. And I will also say we have LOVED the Porsche vehicles we have owned and I highly recommend the brand!"

Tim Smeltz | FL | 2016-02-22

"I'm a NJ resident who was recently traveling and had the misfortune to get a flat tire in the Jacksonville area. Brumos Porsche handled my situation with great professionalism and care. I greatly appreciate all of the help I received from Blair Bowman and staff. There was nothing left to chance by them. Thanks again."

Ed Lato | FL | 2016-02-22

"Thank you to the Service Dept of Brumos Porsche!! My first expierence there and the staff and service was above and beyond! Charles and Jennifer were more than helpful getting my 996 serviced."

Maria Nemcik | FL | 2016-02-22

"Blair and his service team provide excellent service, and exceptional customer service that beyond meets any expectations. Wonderful dealership, and great staff, treats everyone like family! I love my Panamera, the greatest car in the world. BLAIR, YOU ARE THE BEST- THANK YOU."

Douglas Johnson | FL | 2016-02-22

"I want to thank Brumos and Roger for making a dream a reality. The car is fantastic, better than I ever imagined."

Arnold Bentley | FL | 2016-02-22

"I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Blair Bowman and the Service Department Staff for their effort. In addition to exceptional automobile maintenance, customer service is a significant strongpoint in the service department. My wife, Catherine has always mentioned how much she appreciates how she is treated when dropping off her car for service. I went with Cathy for the last service call and fully understand why she has continued to laud Blair and the service department copiously. In my line of work I have several people who meet the public. Through customer service schools/training we have learned public perception is reality and initial perceptions are hard to change. Blair and the service department personify all the traits of exceptional customer service. Thank you."

A. C. Harvey | FL | 2016-02-22

"For the last 3 years I have depended exclusively on the Brumos Porsche Service Department to take care of all of my needs with my Cayman S. Charles, Jennifer, Amy, and yes, Blair have professionally and completely seen to my and my car's every need. They have consistly gone above and beyond the call of duty. Exceptional service is who they are. What a pleasure it has been and will continue to be. Thank you guys."

Ron Self | FL | 2016-02-22

"The team at Brumos was extraordinary. While planning to travel home to Atlanta from Jacksonville after visiting family unfortunately our Chayenne began making very concerning noises. We called Brumos and they suggested we bring it in ASAP and they would help us. It turned out we had a broken drive shaft and it need immediate replacement. They worked us right in, although they were busy, assigned 2 mechanics to work on it, and fixed it within 2 hours. Remarkable service and everyone in the service department were delightful and 100% focused on making it a superior customer experience. They were fantasic and our Cayenne is good as new. Thanks to everyone at Brumos, especially Charles."

LeeAnn Davis | FL | 2016-02-22

"It took a while for me to convince my Husband that I needed a Porsche and Hall was a great sidekick in the process. Hall was extremely patient and, even though we didn't buy my Cayman until several months after we first met him, he remembered us and was extremely patient throughout the process. He took us through the process from start to finish and answered all of our questions. We will definitely return to see Hall for all our future Porsche needs."

Donna Morrison | FL | 2016-02-23

"Always first rate professional service. Can't say enough good things about my satisfaction with Brumos."

Randy Brinkerhoff | FL | 2016-02-23

"Jennifer was A+ she should be commended for what she has done for me. She has exceeded all my expections. thank you Jennifer."

Angie DiGiovanni | FL | 2016-02-23

"This was my first Porsche and Brumos purchase. John Schaefer was extremely helpful finding the right car for me and very patient answering all of my questions. This is the smoothest transaction I have ever experienced and truly enjoyable. I would definately recommend to anyone."

David Jacobs | FL | 2016-02-23

"Ray, Blair, and Charles - Thank you very much for the excellent care Brumos Porsche took on my 2007 Porsche Carrera. Somebody at Brumos Porsche keeps extending the warranty on my Carrera. We're working through some poor work the previous owner did. I very much appreciate the work Brumos Porsche does on my car for the cost to me of time and driving a loaner car. Blair Bowman recognized that I'm an automotive mechanic. I used to teach military members how to perform maintenance on their cars in military auto hobby shops. I'm pretty sure Blair checks my car before Brumos Porsche telephone calls me to get my car back. Charles knows how little I appreciate bringing my car back to Brumos Porsche. On this visit to Brumos Porsche, Blair told me the retracting mechanism on my driver's seat belt was broken. Charles told me he - personally - replaced the retracing mechanism. A few weeks ago, my loaner car was a Cayenne. Maybe two years ago, Ray was driving a Cayenne, and he let me drive his Cayenne for an afternoon. I enjoyed the Cayenne very much, and I easily would buy a new Cayenne from Brumos Porsche. This time, my loaner car was a Panamera. A beautiful car that preformed wonderfully. If I were to buy a Panamera from Brumos Porsche, I'd order and wait for the delivery of a top-of-the-line version of this model. If I lost my Carrera today, I'd return to Brumos Porsche tomorrow to buy my replacement Carrera. Again, thank you very much for the work Brumos Porsche has been doing and is doing on my Carrera. I'll keep referring people to Brumos Porsche so they can buy their own Porsches, and I'll definitely return to Brumos Porsche to buy any other Porsches for myself."

Dan Scharman | FL | 2016-02-23

"Just a quick note to thank Charles and the rest of the team for the service you just completed. It's always a pleasure and alway's so easy to get whatever objective I am trying to get acomplished and never having to worry. Thanks again, Dan"


Pamela Zahler | FL | 2016-02-23

"Thanks Brumos for the incredible customer service you provided to me on my most recent visit"

Carnell Mosley | FL | 2016-02-23

"I want to personally thank you for all that you and your team have done to get me into my very first Porsche. Your efforts remind me of a story I read a long, long time ago. (The late) Mr. Snodgrass had an acquaintance that was very fond of the Porsche brand and always dreamed of owning a new Porsche. He shared that dream with Mr. Snodgrass and said that when he got old enough and was able enough he was going to get one. When that moment arrived, Mr. Snodgrass, understanding of his acquaintance's great enthusiasm made his dream possible. As a result this person wrote not only of the remarkable car he owned but of the positive purchasing experience involving Mr. Snodgrass. This story is analogous to mine. I too had always dreamed of owning a new Porsche and your team made it possible. The entire purchasing experience far exceeded my expectations. All the way from the appraisal of my trade-in to driving off the lot with my new Boxster I could not have been more pleased. Hall Liles took personal care of me and was a delight to work with. I feel like I now have a new friend. I could not close without recognizing the attention given me by Martha Kates. She too is a real pro and represents your products and dealership very well. Again, thank you. The new Boxster is awesome but is second only to the pleasure of the purchase experience provided by your team."

Phil Sylvester | FL | 2016-02-23

"Ray and Roger You gentlemen are terrific. That was a lot to accomplish before the rain. I was home, with the 2014 locked in the garage, about an hour before the rain began. This Boxster is a strong automobile. I believe it is a very good one. Thank you for all of your hard work. It is not a trivial thing to bring a Porsche all the way from Germany, and successfully deliver it to the customer. Thank you again, to the entire Brumos team for an excellent accomplishment."


Craig O'Brien | FL | 2016-02-23

"My experience purchasing a new Porsche at Brumos was the best vehicle buying experience ever. Bill Bianco helped my wife and I. While my wife was out, I poked and prodded their entire inventory. There were certainly some beautiful cars. Every employee I met was relaxed, helpful, and knowledgeable and I never felt any pressure. After the test drives we sat down with Bill and he asked several important questions about what we were seeking, what we needed, and what our intentions were, and guided us to the right car. We were lucky that a vehicle that exactly matched our needs was in transit on a ship. I said lock it down for us and he did. It arrived two weeks later and was test driven and approved by Hurley Haywood. When we arrived to take delivery I told the staff that I was time constrained due to work and they got me out of there in under an hour. Bill and Martha understood and got me out of there at a Porsche pace, with elegance and grace. It was a very comfortable experience and I think my next vehicle purchase will come from Brumos. The car is fantastic and I love to share the "experience" with family and friends. Best wishes, Craig"


Harold Gilliam | FL | 2016-02-23

"John, I picked up the Porsche 911S this morning. I just want to say thank you for your outstanding service in making this purchase and delivery to Germany possible. In the begenning I was a little nervous about paying $80,000.00 for a car that I had not seen in person and putting my trust in a dealership/salesman to whom I did not know. Well, you and Brumos Porsche more than fulfilled your end of the deal and I am very impressed with your service. Harold"

aric ratliff | FL | 2016-02-23

"Brumos, took good care of me and my car. I was given a loaner, and my car was fixed within two days. Brumos is the only place I will trust to work on my car."

byron block | FL | 2016-02-23

"Amy and Jennifer at the service department were very courteous and efficient in handling my needs on my 2011 Cayenne Turbo.I am from out of town so prompt and efficient service is very important to me .I have been a Brumos satisfied customer for over 35 years."

John Hall | FL | 2016-02-23

"Ray, Just wanted to thank you for showing me around your dealership and introducing me to Hurley Haywood. What a treat! Too, for someone who isn�t even a customer of Brumos, I can�t believe the kindness and professionalism that I was shown by you and your boutique representative (please tell her thank you)! You guys are truly living up to the Porsche brand and are great ambassadors. Thanks again!! John K. Hall"

Dion Brown | FL | 2016-02-23

"True story.... June 2012 I was in the market to purchase a 911 Carrera - didn't no that much about the car but fell in love with the car at a very early age (I'm 58 now), I live in Hampton, Va my fiancé lives in Orange Park Fl. I would visit the area at least once a month but had never visited Brumos and really didn't know any thing about the dealership. Knowing that my retirement time is drawing closer and I knew I would be putting my roots in Orange Park, I decided to call Brumos Porsche of Jacksonville. I end up speaking to a salesman by the name of John Schaefer. I expressed to him what I was looking for in my Porsche. He expressed to me he had just what I was looking for and to be honest, I never told him but I really thought he was shortent this story a bit, we handle the whole transaction over the phone - this was May 2012. My day of pick up was June 15, 2012 . I can't begin to tell you how nervious I was the day I walked in Brumos. Remember, before this day all I have had were pictures and phone conversations with my Salesman John Schaefer. When I got to the Brumos to take ownership I really didn't know what to expect. When John asked was I ready to see my baby he took me and my fiancé around the corner inside the dealership and all I can truly say is that the 911 4S Cabriolet did not just meet my expectations but superceded them! John Schaefer..... Ray Shaffer.... Cathy and the whole sales team I would like to say thank you for making my dreams a reality. ...Dion & Gail P.S. Just a footnote a few weeks later John found the car of my fiancé dreams a beautiful Mercedes 550 CLK Cabriolet ..... Thats a whole another story for another day !!! Thanks John Schaefer... looking fowared to doing more business in the future..."

Harvey Borden | FL | 2016-02-23

"Hello Ray, I would like to thank you and your staff for being such gracious hosts. Although we live in Leesburg, we purchased our 2013 Porsche Boxster from you this past March. The car has been absolutely amazing and when we visited on Saturday, your service department took care of a minor issue very promptly and efficiently. You have assembled a GREAT team and I am very happy to tell people about where I got my car and the professionals working there!! Regards,"

John Vick | FL | 2016-02-23

"Ray, Sandie and I really enjoyed ourselves. I was really excited to learn about your "Driving School" that comes with each car bought at dealership. The whole experience was really a treat. I'm sure we'll be back. Best regards,"

Dan DiDeo | FL | 2016-02-23

"I would like to thank the service department for the great work they perform on my 911. No matter if it is maintenance, tires or an issue that I feel needs to be addressed the completed work is always done to my satisfaction. My latest visit confirms my confidence in the team. Brumos is the only dealership to have worked on my car since I acquired it. I am a firm believer that the dealership that represents the brand should service it. From scheduling to my time with Charles as we discuss the work to be done, the team makes it easy."

Valerie Bartol | FL | 2016-02-23

"Hi Amy, Thanks for the email (follow up). As always, I was very satisfied with the service I received. I always feel welcomed and truly enjoy everyone I come into contact with. The tire issue was an emergency and it was great to be able to get what I needed taken care of immediately. Please pass along my appreciation and gratitude to all and have a great weekend. Valerie"

bruce lee | FL | 2016-02-23

"Brumos Porsche is a pleasure to do business with. The staff is friendly, helpful and know their Porsches. I would recomend Brumos to anyone. Thanks Bruce Lee"

Bobby Sandford | FL | 2016-02-23

"Mr. Shaffer, I wanted to take a moment to let you know what a fantastic experience I had at your dealership. I was getting the first year service on my Porsche and I called and Jennifer got me on the schedule for the time I requested and she arranged for me to have a car to run a few errands Jennifer later called me after I dropped my car off and let me know that I needed to replace two tires due to nails - Jennifer allowed me to talk to the service manager Blair and he told me why I should buy the tires from your dealership. I got the tires from your dealership and also Hall convinced me to replace the side lights with clear ones and Blair help to replace those side lights with no delay. Then we put in clear tail lights - without the kindness and professional manner of Blair and Hall I don't think I would have replaced the tail lights. You would think this would end the story - but it continues. After my car was serviced and all of the lights replaced I drove to Ponte Vedra to stay with some friends for the night before driving back to Panama City Beach. While leaving Jacksonville Friday morning I get a flat tire. I call your dealership at 0710 in the morning and I let the phone ring about 5 times and think that I will have to wait until 0730 and call back. Instead at 0711 my phone rings and it is Blair calling me back because he heard the phone ringing and called back the number he saw. I told him I had a flat and where I was - he solved the problem for me and had me back on the road within 1 hour!! I can't tell you what an asset Blair is to your business. I just wanted to take a moment to applaud the hard work of Blair, Hall and Jennifer. Blair has been quite helpful and very efficient in responding to my three requests in a timely fashion. All of them have made quite an impression on the quality of employees you must have at Brumos. Once again, Thank you. Sincerely, Your customers for life Bobby "RickyBobby" Sandford, Col Chief Combat Operations USAF"

Chuck Beard | FL | 2016-02-23

"Mr. Shaffer. I do not know if you are the appropriate person to send this to...if not would you please be so kind as to forward to that individual. My wife and I are making an extra effort to praise Martha Kates for her excellent representation of the Brumos brand. I have been a Lexus customer for 15 years and have dealt with various dealerships as we have moved throughout the country. And as "older" citizens we got used to the special attention and service extended to us by the various 'elite' dealerships. I was not disappointed when we moved to this part of the country 8 years ago and became involved with both of the Lexus locations. Recently I became a bit disenchanted with the service level from the company (and am willing to admit that it may be been partially my elevated expectations that created that unhappiness). We recalled Martha and her excellent service while closing loans for us at the Atlantic Blvd dealership. Even though we are dealing with Orange Park and even though Martha has moved on to the Porsche side, our memories of the service level she had provided encouraged us to seek her out to see if she could revive a bit of a tarnished brand. All I can say is "wonderful". Even though she is overwhelmed with her own work load and is no longer directly involved, she made arrangements to get me to the right person and followed up consistently to make sure everything was moving well. Because of her efforts and commitment to your company, we should be picking up our 5th car at Orange Park in a couple of days. As a retired Bank CEO, I know I rarely heard from customers unless there was a compliant. Clearly this is an exception to that and I cannot say enough about this young lady and what she has done for us...and clearly for you."

J. C. | FL | 2016-02-23

"Mr. Shaffer, It was a pleasure to meet you on February 7th and to participate in the Brumos Driving Experience the following day. The weather did not put a damper on the event and in some ways made it more challenging and realistic, while still fun. I want to really thank everyone there at Brumos for a fantastic Driving Experience and the overall personal experience I had at your dealership. What a fantastic attitude everyone there had, and it clearly shows to me management and employees are attuned to customers and the dealership reputation for excellence. It�s so refreshingly different from so many dealerships, of varying manufacturers, that I have dealt with over my many years with automobiles and motorcycles. I�m sure I would have experienced the same thing if I�d had a chance to visit the racing location, but there was just not time this trip. I would like to specifically like to thank the people that made the whole experience with Brumos possible and so memorable. Amy Rust was just great in getting me set up with the loaner Cayman and freely giving us local recommendations and directions. Patti Tantillo was just fantastic with all the logistics and the professional organization at the track and the Driving Experience itself was amazing. Seeing her sitting out at the Gainesville Raceway under a canopy, in the rain, checking people in, and yet still greeting everyone pleasantly speaks volumes. From someone that�s had to organize and manage major electronics trade shows in a past lifetime, I�m well aware of the hard work, planning and adaptability that�s required. Don Robertson, (Andrew) Davis and of course the Hurley Haywood as the remarkable instructor team was something to behold and remember. Hurley Haywood himself needs no explaining! I�m still in awe after the laps with him, and it certainly gave me more respect for just how fantastic a driver he is and how physically taxing it is on a person. The sheer physical forces involved, magnified in such a Spartan interior, and the sheer joy of the ride makes it hard to explain to anyone that has not done it themselves. He doesn�t seem to tire of it and that speaks for itself as well. Don Leatherwood and Nathan Nelson were also readily available to give pointers and discuss a multitude of Porsche topics when there was time at the track. Just a really positive experience. After all that, it turned out I had left a couple of personal items in the loaner Cayman. I was going to call and request someone and send them to me. But, while at the Jacksonville airport on my way home I already had a voice mail from Amy saying that the items were found, and would be mailed to me. I received them a few days later, and Blair Bowman had even thrown in a Brumos t-shirt as a thank your for having the vehicle washed and filled with gas prior to returning it. A small thing, but it speaks loudly for the positive attitude and professionalism at your dealership. Brumos is a truly classy organization and I would not hesitate to recommend to anyone of my friends or family. You set the bar high! Best Regards,"

Bruce Ellison | FL | 2016-02-23

"Absolutely one of the best Porsche dealerships anywhere. I could not have been treated any better! I will be back!"

John K. Darr | FL | 2016-02-23

"Dear Mr. Shaffer, While driving toward Jacksonville in my Panamera, GTS, the low oil level warning light went on. After identifying Brumos Porsche as the dealership in the area by internet search, I called to inquire if you could help with this situation. From the first ring response to the greeting when I arrived through the exceptionally ready service I received to the expression of best wishes for the rest of my trip, your staff was friendly, efficient, professional and effective."

Phil Martin | FL | 2016-02-23

"Good morning Roger, We want to thank you once again for all your help through the designing and buying process and most especially with the delivery on Friday. It was so helpful to have you go through all of the features and systems of the car, although I think we both had a little bit of overload on the PCM (I've since been through the manuals and have, I think, got most of it figured out - Madie is getting pretty good at it also). The car is an absolute joy to drive and I'm really getting into the feel of it. The transmission is a dream and I can't wait to get through the break-in period to see what the car can really do. It may take a while with my limited driving opportunities during the week, but we'll be getting out a lot on the weekends. It has already gotten a lot of great comments from my friends and neighbors, and especially on the interior/exterior color combination. After driving several BMW's over almost 12 years, I can safely say that they are not the only "ultimate driving machines". While great cars, my Porsche is far more fun to drive and responsive - even in this break-in period. I can only imagine what I'll be learning at the driving school and how much I will be able to get out of this incredible car. Roger, it has been a pleasure working with you through this process. I doubt that it could have been better. Regards Phil"

Mickey Martin | FL | 2016-02-23

"Ray, good morning! This is just a brief note to have you know how grateful I am for the help Brandon, Sheila, Jennifer and Amy & Darryl Austin have been with making the repair to my beautiful, new 911. To a person, they have gone " above & beyond" to smooth the process for me! Further, they all have been attentive & communicative (phone calls when necessary), keeping me abreast of the process. In particular, Brandon made thoughtful arrangements to get the 911 to the body shop AND give me a loaner. Really good stuff by all of them! I've no doubt the thankfully minor damage to my two week old Carrera will truly be " as good as new"! Very best, Mickey(D. Michael) Martin Amelia Island"

Ken Dakdduk | FL | 2016-02-23

"Ray, I want to acknowledge Skip, Charles, and their team of technicians (three in total) all of whom went the extra distance this afternoon to help me when I picked up a nail in one of my tires. Skip, Charles, and the technicians made my problem their problem. They agreed to take my car in despite it being late in the day on the Saturday before Labor Day. The three technicians, who I understand we're scheduled to end their day at 4:00 pm, collaborated on the assignment and I left the dealership shortly after 4:10 pm, 25 minutes after I arrived. A big thank you to Skip and Charles for making this happen and to the technicians who stayed late. This was an outstanding service experience. Best regards."

Sharon | FL | 2016-02-23

"Just purchased my Macan and this vehicle is amazing. Bill my sales person was beyond helpful and very professional, and Martha was a pleasure to work with. I am very very happy and wish to thank everyone at Porsche for a 5 star enjoyable purchasing experience."

Peter Baas | FL | 2016-02-23

"Patti, I would like to thank you and the entire Brumos team for putting on a first class event last weekend. It truly does make you proud to have purchased your Porsche from Brumos. Robin would like to take the driving experience as well. We understand that this can be scheduled on a stand by basis. Please put her on the list and keep us posted. Thanks�Peter"

Phil Martin | FL | 2016-02-23

"Good morning Patti, Madie and I would like to thank Brumos Porsche and you personally for putting together such a fun, valuable, educational, and challenging day down in Gainesville on Saturday. The entire event was so well run, the instructors were beyond impressive, the food was great, and it was simply a lot of fun. While initially intimidating, as the day went on I began to appreciate more fully what these cars can do, and became much more comfortable with the challenging courses we ran. I am sure that I am a better and safer driver because of the time well spent Saturday. Madie also thoroughly enjoyed the event and had a great time talking with the participants, cheering us on, and interacting with all of you who were running the event. Thanks again."

Tom Bartol | FL | 2016-02-23

"Patti, I had to leave quickly so I did not get a chance to thank you and all the support staff for an absolutely wonderful and well-managed day at the track. It was one of the best things I have done in a long time and the driving was incredible. Thank you for all the hard work! I look forward to seeing you again after my next car."

Jaap Vos | FL | 2016-02-23

"I just have seen your internet presentation. Fantastic!! Regards, Jaap Vos The Netherlands"

Nicole | FL | 2016-02-23

"Hi Austin! I received my order today (from! The ball cap is PERFECT! I love the way it was packaged. Totally pro. Thank you for the Brumos bag and decals! I am so impressed by your customer service; you made me feel important, even if I was only buying a hat. It really proves that everything you guys do is first class all the way. My boyfriend is going to think I'm the best girlfriend ever, so everybody wins here. :) Thanks again! Nicole"

Paul A. | FL | 2016-02-23

"I simply wanted to thank Mr. Haywood for his time to speak with me and my wife Martha at the dealership on Tuesday, Nov 25. We had traveled to Florida to visit our daughter, Sarah (Sous Chef at Omni Plantation) and Hurley was kind enough to see us. He introduced us to Indy and Watkins Glen (they gave a lot of nice kisses) and we spoke about cars for 15 minutes or so in his private office. He is a consummate gentleman and sets the finest example of humility and professionalism. He would not have had to bother with a strange couple from Lancaster, Pennsylvania on a rainy day just before Thanksgiving. Especially since he had been signing driver diplomas all that morning. He generously offered to sign a photo for me (Paul) and one for my 90 year old father (Walter) back home. I will never forget Mr. Haywood's kindness and decorum. I am nobody special to anyone at Brumos Porsche, but your company sure made us feel special and just that much more pleased to be a Porsche owner and enthusiast. I should also mention to you how well we were treated by Tina Kelly in your boutique shop. We very happily bought a number of neat Brumos Porsche items that day with Tina's entirely delightful and helpful attention. We felt appreciated and like we were somehow close to home. Thank you very much indeed! I wish the Brumos Company the very best of luck and success in the new year! Truly, Paul W. A."

Guy Spencer | FL | 2016-02-23

"Dear Patti, My name is Guy Spencer and I have just moved up from Ft Lauderdale to St Augustine. On Friday I was driving my 2010 911S on Philips Highway at about 6pm when I had a blow out in my rear tyre( I guess now you have picked up that i am from England). The car was picked up by Porsche Roadside Assistance and left about 9pm outside your service department. Next morning I called and dealt with Amy and Charles, who although busy treated me as an old and loyal customer although it was my first dealings with Brumos Porsche. They sorted out my insurance on my tyre, replaced the tyre and even gave my car a good cleaning all at no cost whatsoever to myself. I had up to this point contemplated returning to the other dealer where I bought this car and my wife's Cayenne, however their friendly professionalism has won me over and I will now be bringing both cars in for service and buying from you when we upgrade, in fact I had a nice chat with Brandon about looking out for a pre owned 997 Turbo S when I picked up my car. Talking of Brandon, he mentioned you do the occasional track day, which is limited to your customers, if ever you have a spare place please bear me in mind and I would be happy to contribute financially in any way. I am a ships Captain and spend most of my life traveling the seas at about 20 mph, so when home I love driving my 911 !!!;) Looking forward to meeting you in the showroom some time and please pass on my thanks to the Service team. Fair Winds and Smooth Seas Captain Guy Spencer"

Jordan Firfer | FL | 2016-02-23

"Brumos team, Brumos sales and service excelled from the time of my original pre-order to the delivery of my new Macan. This includes the complementary driving experience (fantastic learning experience, thank you Patti). The level of professionalism experienced at Brumos is not that of a typical dealer. Brumos staff are very passionate about Porsche vehicles, but also are technical experts on all aspects of the vehicle operation, they are consultants ensuring that the purchase includes what you want / need versus what could be sold, and they are friends after the delivery ensuring that the experience continues to be consistent after delivery. I have experienced all aspects of the sales cycle and the beginning of the ownership cycle and clearly understand why Brumos is nationally recognized. Hurley and the racing team are a 'plus' but the overall Brumos approach is what brings the well known reputation and recognition. I could not be more pleased to start 2015 with Brumos behind my new Porsche Macan S. Thank you! Jordan"

John Gheesling | FL | 2016-02-23

"Outstanding people,great service!"


Bruce Lee | FL | 2016-02-23

"Wanted to let you know that my buying experience at your dealership was actually fun and so easy. All the your employees were helpful and friendly. My sales person, Deborah Dundore, knows every nuance of my vehicle and made the experience fun. Thanks Bruce Lee"

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