The Porsche Jacksonville Team

Get To Know The Fields Porsche of Jacksonville Team

Meet the Fields Porsche Jacksonville team. Our team's positive attitudes are reflected in the way in which they approach their duties every day. These hard-working, dedicated professionals have each made a commitment to being a part of something special...the Fields Porsche of Jacksonville Experience. Be sure to contact our Florida Porsche dealership with any questions, comments, or feedback you have about our Porsche dealership near St. Augustine, FL. Do you want to test drive a new Porsche Cayenne? We can help you. We look forward to meeting you and helping you buy the new luxury Porsche vehicle of your dreams!

John Fields | Dealer Principal

Brandon Starks

Brandon Starks | General Manager

Brandon has well over a decade of experience in the automotive field and began his career at Porsche in January 2010. He has since dedicated his time and energy into expanding the dealership into what it is today. In his free time he enjoys playing golf, fishing, participating in automotive motorsports and spending time with his wife and children.

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Joe Romano

Joe Romano | General Sales Manager

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Skip Schinsing

Skip Schinsing | Porsche Certified Service Manager

Skip joined Fields Porsche (formerly Brumos Porsche) in late 2010. He brings a wealth of knowledge about all mechanical and technical aspects of Porsche to his responsibilities as Fields Porsche Service Manager.

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Austin Mills

Austin Mills | Porsche Certified Parts Manager

Looking for a certain Porsche part? Call Austin Mills our Certified Parts Manager who has over 11 years of automotive experience. He brings a wealth of knowledge and customer experience to the Fields Porsche family.

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Bill Bianco

Bill Bianco | Porsche Certified Sales Consultant

Bill has been a member of the Fields Porsche (formerly Brumos Porsche) team since 2004 and has dedicated most of his working career to automobiles that hail from "Swabia". He offers a wealth of experience and knowledge. If you love talking Stuttgart-made motor cars, you'll love chatting with Bill.

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Hall Liles

Hall Liles | Porsche Certified Sales Consultant

Hall has represented Porsche since 1999 and has been a member of the Fields Porsche (formerly Brumos Porsche) team since moving to Florida with his wife in 2012. His salesmanship makes for a delightful Porsche buying experience and we are pleased to have him on board.

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Chad Gilbert

Chad Gilbert | Porsche Certified Sales Consultant

Chad started his career as a Certified Porsche Sales Consultant in 2005. His hobbies include open track high performance driving, endurance racing and instructing. One of his great joys is volunteering to coach teenaged drivers in teen street survival programs.

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Henry F Freeman

Henry F Freeman | Porsche Certified Brand Ambassador

Born in New York City, Henry Freeman moved to Florida with his family at age 14. After attending college in Oklahoma, he lived in Orlando and in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Working exclusively with Porsches since 2001, Henry has been in management at Porsche locations in Sarasota, St. Petersburg, and in South Florida. A desire to be nearer his family, combined with his interest in joining Brumos Porsche, brought Henry to Jacksonville


When not working with Porsches, you may find Henry working with mustangs – but not the automotive kind. He enjoys riding and has trained several horses from colts, including some mustangs he got as yearlings and still owns.  Henry looks forward to discussing all the merits of horsepower with his new Jacksonville clients, particularly when it comes to weighing their Porsche-related options.

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Jamie Ossi

Jamie Ossi | Porsche Certified Assistant Parts Manager

Whatever Porsche part you may be looking for, Jamie has the right number to ensure that you're getting what you need to keep your dream car in top running order. He's certified with Porsche so give him a call today and test his knowledge.

Phone: 904.594.9027 • Email:

Ray Linares

Ray Linares | Porsche Certified Parts Advisor

Ray grew up in Florida where he spent his time mountain biking his way through different forest trails. After working in retail in sales and customer service, Ray found a place at Porsche where he could continue his passion of working with people. Stop by our Parts Department to have Ray help you with your Porsche Parts needs.

Phone: 904.726.3383 • Email:

Charles Loeschen

Charles Loeschen | Porsche Certified Service Advisor

Charles began his career at Fields Porsche (formerly Brumos Porsche) as a Porsche Certified Technician. In addition to his time behind the service counter helping you keep your Porsche within factory specifications, he spent many years assisting Hurley Haywood. Feel free to stop by and visit or drop him an email if you have any Porsche service related questions. Charles is fluent in Porsche.

Phone: 904.726.3369 • Email:

Jennifer Woodard

Jennifer Woodard | Porsche Certified Service Advisor

Jennifer has been a huge part of the Fields Porsche (formerly Brumos Porsche) family for the past nine years. She began her career as Cashier, later becoming a Master Certified Service Advisor. After a year, her love of people brought her home to Porsche where she is now a Porsche Service Advisor.

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Tina Kelly

Tina Kelly | Porsche Certified Warranty Administrator

To say Tina is simply our Certified Porsche Warranty Administrator would not be a proper credit to all that she contributes to our dealership - and has contributed over her many years of loyal service. She is happy to help you out with your Porsche Boutique purchase.

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Nathan Nelson

Nathan Nelson | Porsche Certified Gold Meister Technician

Nathan Nelson is one of our most decorated technicians. Joining Brumos Porsche in September 2000, Nathan has achieved his Gold Meister certification, the highest level awarded by Porsche. He has also earned his High Voltage and Diesel certifications for servicing Porsche’s Hybrid and Diesel models.

Phone: 904.725.9155

Erik Shull

Erik Shull | Porsche Certified Bronze Technician

Erik's passion for cars began at an early age while rebuilding exotic cars with his father. He pursued an automotive career by getting his degree from UTI in Texas and was quickly recruited by Porsche. Since making Jacksonville his home, Erik has spent over 12 years working on Porsches and 17 years in the automotive industry. In his spare time he enjoys golfing, surfing, restoring his own vehicles and spending time with his twin daughters.

Phone: 904.725.9155

Mitch Havir

Mitch Havir | Porsche Certified Technician

Thanks to an early start to his automotive career, Mitch now boasts an astounding 16+ years’ worth of experience in the industry. He grew up on the East Coast, where he attended BCIT West Hamptons for his technical education. In Mitch’s free time he enjoys participating in motocross, riding motorcycles and working on one of his many cars.

Phone: 904.725.9155

Russell Haggard

Russell Haggard | Porsche Certified Technician

Russell grew up in both New Mexico and Arizona where he discovered his gift for cars in auto shop. After high school, he went to Avondale Technical School and later moved to Atlanta Georgia to attend the prestigious Porsche Technology Apprenticeship Program. Fields Porsche (formerly Brumos Porsche) quickly recruited Russell to be part of the Porsche family. In his free time he enjoys surfing, golfing, riding dirt bikes and getting out and exploring all that Jacksonville has to offer.

Phone: 904.725.9155

Chris Rosswurm

Chris Rosswurm | Porsche Certified Technician

Newly relocated to Jacksonville, Chris is a native of the Dallas / Ft. Worth area. His father was born and raised in Germany, so Chris was able to visit the country often, each time admiring the many Porsches he spotted. He attended UTI in Phoenix before moving to Pennsylvania to further his career by training in the Porsche Technology Apprenticeship Program. Chris doesn’t just love working on cars; he also enjoys racing them in track events, and believes there is no better place to pursue both those passions than at Fields Porsche.

Phone: 904.725.9155

Sergio Rodriguez

Sergio Rodriguez | Porsche Certified Technician

Sergio was born in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico, and like many enthusiasts, learned to love Porsches at a young age. His father drove a 1986 911, so he experienced the benefits of Porsche ownership first-hand. After completing the Porsche Technology Apprenticeship Program, Sergio hopes one day to be known for his expertise with Porsches. He is happy to be working toward that goal at Fields Porsche.

Phone: 904.725.9155

Amy Rust

Amy Rust | Customer Service Liaison

Amy has been a part of the Fields Porsche (formerly Brumos Porsche) team since August of 2012. She loves meeting Porsche customers from all over the world that come to experience Fields Porsche. Amy also enjoys seeing that all of our customers are instant friends when they meet in the store. A world traveler, she has lived in Mexico and Europe and enjoys speaking different languages and traveling.

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Stephanie Armbruster

Stephanie Armbruster | Administrative Assistant

Stephanie Armbruster grew up in Jacksonville, Florida, where she achieved a Bachelor’s degree from the University of North Florida. After working in retail and in customer service for over six years she joined the Fields Porsche (formerly Brumos Porsche) team where she continues to provide excellent service to all of our customers.

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Stan Totman

Stan Totman | Porsche Inventory Control

Stan Totman is a long time Fields Porsche (formerly Brumos Porsche) employee and we are pleased to have him as part of our team today, as our Inventory Control Specialist. Stan used to assist Peter Gregg back in the championship-winning IMSA race days of the 1970's. He's still an avid fan and the perfect person to see that your Porsche is prepared to Fields' standards...just in time for delivery to you.

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Marguerite Sokhom

Marguerite Sokhom | Receptionist

Marguerite joined Fields Porsche (formerly Brumos Porsche) in March of 2015, but has lived in the Jacksonville area for many years. Born in Boston, Massachusetts, she relocated to the area to join her family in their restaurant and retail businesses. She enjoys being surrounded by Porsche enthusiasts, who she considers the nicest people anywhere.

Phone: 904.725.9155

Ray Linares

Ray Linares | Porsche Certified Parts Advisor

Ray grew up in Florida where he spent his time mountain biking his way through different forest trails. After working in retail in sales and customer service, Ray found a place at Porsche where he could continue his passion of working with people. Stop by our Parts Department to have Ray help you with your Porsche Parts needs.

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Christian Biers | Sales Assistant

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