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Porsche Luxury Brand Guide

Your Guide to Luxury Motoring at Porsche Jacksonville

The Porsche 911 epitomizes all that's right about Porsche AG. Even though its exterior has changed very little over its fifty-year history, what's inside is ever-evolving and always improving. One doesn't merely buy a new Porsche car because of its dashing looks. Each one is part of a continuum of automotive history stretching back a century, and Porsche Jacksonville is proud to represent a small slice of that history to our clients in North Florida and across Florida.


Porsche History

The company that is now Porsche AG was founded by Ferdinand Porsche in 1931. Originally a design and engineering consultancy, they would eventually turn the same talents that won races for other manufacturers to designing their own cars, many of them fearsome racers in their own right. Commercial cars would follow in the postwar years, with some -- like the Porsche 356 and Porsche 911 -- attaining iconic status, and others (like the Porsche 928) beloved by those in the know. The Porsche design language is conservative, but even a cursory glance lets you know you're viewing a classic. What's more, beneath those classic looks beats the heart of a Le Mans-winning champion.


Porsche Values

For some companies, value comes through price. For Porsche AG, each new Porsche car is the embodiment of the same values that spurred the Porsche family to iterate and innovate restlessly, honing their craft and their vehicles to the point of perfection. Where some companies emphasize luxury at the expense of thrilling performance, or deliver some modicum of excitement but fall short on creature comforts, Porsche cars perch comfortably on the razor's edge. Because Porsche doesn't compromise, you'll never feel as though you're missing out. From their well-known boxer engines to the innovative PCM (Porsche Communication Management) infotainment system and Alcantara leather seats, each vehicle is a marvel of craft and engineering.


Porsche Models

While some manufacturers offer a profusion of models, Porsche takes more of a niche approach. The 2017 Porsche lineup feels carefully curated, with nothing superfluous or accidental. It's anchored by the beloved Porsche 911, but like a relay team, the other members -- the 2017 Porsche Cayenne and Porsche Macan SUVs, the Porsche 718 Boxster and Porsche 718 roadsters, and the Porsche Panamera executive sedan -- each do their part to uphold their legendary lineage. The 2017 Porsche models are diverse enough that there's something to excite nearly any driver, but limited enough to retain the mystique that makes the brand so special.

Porsche owners are a demanding lot who expect the best from their cars and from their Jacksonville Porsche dealership. As proud as we are to be a part of an illustrious history, Porsche Jacksonville takes the most pride in our ability to exceed our customers' expectations on a daily basis. The drivers we serve from North Florida expect -- and we would accept -- no less. To find out more about what makes us, and the Porsche vehicles we sell, so special, visit our showroom today. We're located at 10100 Atlantic Blvd. in Jacksonville, Florida.